We develop effective communication and marketing solutions


Our goal is to create the best communication solution that supports the company in achieving its goals.


Our greatest value is the long-term work experience that helps to sense the environment and always find the best solution.


We think about the overall strategy of the company and we can integrate the communication solution into the company’s business strategy.


Loovusfestivali Kuldmuna konkursi PR-auhind: Kuldmuna ja Aasta Suhtekorraldusagentuur 2015
Eriauhind Eesti Suhtekorraldusteo konkursil
Parim avaliku sektori kampaania Baltikumis
Parim tarbijakampaania Baltikumis
Eesti parim suhtekorraldustegu erasektoris



PR Concept is part of the EURACSIS and Pomilio Blumm network of independent
agencies in order to strengthen services, provide cross borders services and enrich client’ portfolio.
The network is not limiting any cooperation between other possible partners but
provides possibility to enlarge social network and experience.