We develop effective communication and marketing solutions

In PR Concept we act for our clients wisely and efficiently so that they are able to enhance most of their strengths. Since 2005 it has been our everyday work to use best methods and  channels so no opportunity is left unused.

We are highly motivated and always up to date with the latest trends and technologies in our field supported by a wide range of experts from our trusted partner network, enabling us to to compete in every field of PR.

We provide PR & marketing solutions for local and international companies.


Developing a communication strategy
Planning, production, organisation
Media campaign, preparing and forwarding press releases, writing articles, etc
Preventive crisis communication counseling, post-crisis communication counseling
Media training, corporate communication, marketing communication, etc


successful projects


60 years of combined experience



member of

The Estonian Marketing Association (TULI)


years of EPRA presidency


years of EPRA membership



Golden Egg Creative Festival Competition PR Award: Golden Egg and Public Relations Agency of the Year 2015
Special award at the Estonian Public Relations Competition
Best public sector campaign in the Baltics
Best consumer PR campaign in the Baltics
Best PR campaign in private sector category

Tiit C. Hepa

Social campaign to raise awareness of hepatitis C.
A fictional person named Tiit C. Hepa was created to find friends.


In order to provide cross border services and enrich client’ portfolio PR Concept is taking part of the of independent agencies networks in Europe:  EURACSIS and Pomilio Blumm and worldwide:  IPRN
These networks are not limiting any cooperation between other possible partners but
provides possibility to enlarge social network and experience.