Cooperation with PR Concept works pretty well thanks to Aive Hiiepuu’s ability to understand the needs and current problems of patients. With the help of PR Concept we were able to organise a number of serious events involving the contemporary treatment of psoriasis and the inclusion of patients. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the field of communication, the topic of the illness of psoriasis has found coverage within the Estonian media. PR Concept is a company that is always ready to provide help and with whom one can share their concerns.

The company also deals with media training, which is educational and constructive in terms of the ideas.

Georg JurkanovChairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Psoriasis Association

When implementing a communications project there is nothing better than a good partner who engages with you, offers solutions, provides constructive criticism and helps to bring everything agreed upon to life. And when a disruption does occur in the project – which is bound to happen, since communication involves people – it does not create panic, but achieves the best imaginable solution instead. PR Concept offers this type of partnership. No question is stupid, no work too routine, and communication is fast, friendly and professional!

Kristel AbelDirector of the Information and Foreign Relations Department at the Labour Inspectorate

PR Concept stands out with its speed and professionalism. Speed does not mean that the process of solving the task at hand begins post-haste, without thinking things through. To Aive, it means the faster performance of smaller stages. PR Concept divides projects into logically smaller pieces, and gradually solves them in stages. This ensures that the results come quickly and, if changes prove necessary, they can be made immediately. There is no need to wait until the end of the project.

Priit KongoCEO, Net Group

We have been working together with PR Concept for years, and I am very satisfied, as professional help in the field of communication is always close at hand. Aive always works quickly and efficiently, in just the way we need.

Ieva SalmelaDevelopment Director at Hesburger

The field of the Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy is a complicated one, and has somewhat of a negative undertone, although in cooperation with PR Concept we have definitely systematically been able to inform the public that it is not the field that is negative, but falling into debt instead. PR Concept is highly professional, flexible and operative, which is especially important taking into consideration the above mentioned fields.

Aive Hiiepuu possesses an excellent strategic capacity for thinking and is able, with ease, to separate what actually interests the public from long-winded and legally complicated situations. Aive also shapes the most cumbersome wording into a beautiful and readable article or press release. Aive is always there and if there are a few minutes, here or there, when she isn’t available via telephone or e-mail, she always lets us know, which adds a feeling of the utmost expertise to our cooperation.

Kristi HuntChancellor at the Chamber of Bailiffs and Trustees in Bankruptcy